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LEARN QUICKLY AND EASILY TO MAKE POWERFUL VIDEOS FOR YOUR rEPUBLICAN GROUP, using our amazing artificial intellengence programs.

or we can make the videos for you, lightning fast


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All you need is your computer and a mobile phone.

  Buckle up !

      Join the media war for liberty 
      Anyone can learn, even if you have            no experience before in video                  production.

               It's fun, and designed so you                 and your team will succeed.

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No bulky downloads that clog up your computer.
Our system is Cloud Based.
No installation of programs at all, you have access continually
to our virtual Republican Video Production Studio on the Cloud

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Some examples of our students' videos.
Learned in just a few weeks.

These students had no previous experience in video production.
Anyone can learn.
And you can succeed also using our Republican AI Production Studio on the Cloud

Nazi Style Democrat Gun Control

The entire film 

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Film  # 2

Democrat election fraud.  They are  taking our freedom.

How to resist !

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See the film here:

Children of the nation,

patriots, arise and crush tYRANNY

Conservative MAGA organization,
would you like us to make a patriotic film
or video at lightning
for you?

contact us at:

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Democrat monster election cheats brought out of the darkness.  See them.  Tame them.

Dancing on the Democrats toes

Ashli Hero

Shining the light of power for victory

against tyranny.  You and Kraken American

You can have your own powerful maga video to help win the fight, made economically by Kraken American Film Studios.
Achieve your political, economic conservative constitutional objectives.
A super video is worth 10,000 words. 
Never surrender...
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